Socks!!! (reviews of three of my favorites)

Balega Ultra Light No-Show Socks five stars original

Balega Ultra Light No Show

This is my favorite sock for racing short distances (ten miles or less). It’s a thin, low-cut sock that offers you just enough protection. My favorite feature is that it fits snugly around the arch, something I always look for in socks.

Swiftwick Sustain Four five stars original


This is my favorite sock for racing longer distances (over ten miles). It is a fairly thin sock, made from recycled materials, and it includes a compression wrap around the achilles/ankle area. It offers just enough added support without being cumbersome. My favorite feature of this sock is that it is seamless and will deliver mile after mile without leaving you with hot spots or blisters.

Balega Trail Buster 2 Quarter Socks five stars original

I would not race in this sock because it’s too thick. With that being said, I would use it for anything else! I use them for running on roads and trails. I use them in summer and winter. I love wearing them around the house. They are probably the most comfortable socks ever made. Not only that, but they are very good quality. I highly recommend you pick up a pair!

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2 Responses to Socks!!! (reviews of three of my favorites)

  1. sarahdudek80 says:

    Great review. Adding to my wish list!

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