NUMBER 10: Ellie Greenwood


This was a tough decision for me. It’s not easy to compare track stars racing 1500m with ultra runners who are racing 100 miles. It’s also not easy to compare individuals who raced decades ago with ones who are still writing their own history. However, with that being said, I’ve placed Ellie Greenwood at number ten.

Ellie was born in the UK and currently lives in Canada. She is an ultra-running superstar! According to Ultra Signup, she’s never placed worse than 3rd female, and since April 2007, she’s never placed worse than 2nd female (at least as far as ultras are concerned). Not only that, but Ellie has won several races outright including the Scorched Sole Ultra (50m), Run For The Toad (50km) and the Frozen Ass 50 (52km).

Ellie ran 6:11 at the JFK 50 Miler in 2012 (10th overall) and she broke Ann Trason’s “unbreakable” record at Western States by going 16:47:19, also in 2012 (14th overall).

Unfortunately, 2013 was hampered by a stress fracture, but knowing Ellie, this will only be a temporary setback! At 34, she is young by ultra running standards so look for more amazing results in the years to come.

Ellie Greenwood: one of the ten greatest female distance runners of all-time.

Read more about her on her blog:

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