NYC Marathon – Race Review


Location: New York, New York

Time of Year: November

Race Organization: four stars

The NYC Marathon is not perfectly organized. The online registration process leaves something to be desired and the Expo can be a little chaotic. There have been issues in the past with finish line bags, and after the Boston Marathon, even more security measures were implemented. However, when considering how large the race is, I don’t have a huge problem with the shortfalls. You just need to keep in mind ahead of time that the organizational aspects won’t be perfect.

Cost: threestars

The entry fee is $255 for non-NYRR members – ouch! That’s pricey, even for a major marathon. Honestly, I would have given this two stars; however, I’ve found that you can find affordable hotels, restaurants, etc. on race weekend. Be prepared though – this is not going to be cheap!

Course: four stars

I like the NYC Marathon course. It’s challenging but not too challenging. Keep in mind that you probably will not set a PR here. The course is scenic, touches on all five boroughs and gives you a nice little tour of the city.


Swag: threestars

You get a shirt and a finisher’s medal. There are other items at the Expo – of course, they aren’t free!

Other:four stars

The NYC Marathon has a great history and it should definitely be on your bucket list! Not only that, but it’s a great excuse to take a trip to the city and make a vacation of it.

Overall: five stars original

Even though I didn’t give the race five stars in any individual category, I’m giving it five overall. Personally, I loved this race. I loved the energy of the city and I think it provides a great experience that you will never forget.

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2 Responses to NYC Marathon – Race Review

  1. I think the NYCM is a race that everyone should do once. Last year the expo was actually really well organized, I went on the last day to pick up my number and didn’t wait more then 5 minutes to get through security and walked straight up to get my number. I could (key word could) have been in and out in 10 minutes. It is insanely expensive, the logistics are crap and you have to wake up nearly 6 hours before your race…however you cannot beat the crowd support.

  2. Though I am not a runner, I have attended the marathon a couple of times. Best view –smiles, the “Press” view. I had the great fortune to ride the press truck two times and each time it was the most awesome trip. We rode in front of the “front runners”. A really interesting aspect of the Press run is that there are hardly any females on the truck, as most photographers are male.

    Love the pre-planning as far as the press, as we got the best press kits ever, full photographs and stories of the front runners with contact information and plus all the added glitz (i.e. one year the raincoats with the emblem on them)..and then there is all the rest. Press==total package.
    But I’ve seen parts of the marathon from other vantage points also near the bridge as the runners just come off the bridge and then downtown in the Brooklyn area. Bottom line is this is one awesome race and one very cool event in photographs and stories. I remember the first time that I rode the press truck, Fred Lebow was “riding” in the car and that was his last year to attend the NYC Marathon (the founder of the Marathon-Fred –awesome , awesome year).

    Most likely, I probably will never run in the marathon but that won’t ever keep me from seeing it -along the route–sometimes in future years.

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