Inov-8 Terrafly 303 Review


This shoe may very well be the one that got away.  I tried it on two separate occasions.  Initially, I loved it.  It had everything I was looking for: just enough drop (see below), a great tread, a soft upper, the perfect weight, a close fit – but not too close… And then I decided that something wasn’t quite right.  Something was missing.  A few weeks later, I tried it again, hoping that whatever I was missing the first time would be there.  However, it just wasn’t meant to be.  On the second go around, I thought they were a little too snug and they did not have as much cushioning as I was looking for.  I think these would probably be great on relatively soft trails, but on a hard pack in the middle of summer, they might not offer enough to get you through a longer race.

The shoe has a 18mm heel and a 12mm forefoot – a 6mm drop.

The size 10 registered at 9 oz on my scale.


  • these offer a soft upper with a snug fit
  • a 6mm drop accomodates both minimalist fans, as well as traditional shoe fans
  • these are the perfect weight for racing anything from 5k to a marathon and beyond
  • the tread is brilliant – one of my favorite qualities of this shoe
  • these shoes can easily be used on roads or trails


  • they were a little snug for me (although I only noticed this the second time)
  • an 18mm heel and a 12mm forefoot is not a lot of shoe!
  • the price – these retail for $120 – but keep your eyes open, as they often go on sale!
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2 Responses to Inov-8 Terrafly 303 Review

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  2. Stephen Fox says:

    If you do buy INOV8 products, be aware that they DO NOT stand behind their products. I bought a pair of these that after less than a dozen wearings developed holes at the outer edge of the toe guard where the fabric joins the toe guard. I had purchased previously 6 pairs of different models from this company, I had no previous problems. When I tried to contact the company, which is based in the UK, I found that they have absolutely NO interest in customer service. You can return the shoes where you bought them and somehow the seller is supposed to stand behind this companies product, you cannot contact INOV-8 directly as they have no interest in anything except making money from you, apparently.

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