The Treadmill


It has been cold the last few days. Really cold. Even those of us who absolutely hate treadmills were most likely forced onto them at some point. I see this as an excellent opportunity to do some speedwork – I’ve listed below two of my favorite treadmill workouts:

1) The Progression Run – For this workout, I select a starting speed – usually somewhere between 6.8 and 7.2 – and I increase the speed by .1 every quarter mile. What starts as a modest jog will gradually turn into a challenging workout. Usually, I just keep going until I can’t keep up anymore and then I’ll transition into a cooldown.

2) Intervals – For this workout, I’ll do a warmup of approximately 2 miles. Then I’ll do either .5 miles on/.25 miles off or 1 mile on/.25 miles off. Usually I will repeat this about six times for half mile repeats or four times for mile repeats. I’ll finish up with a cooldown.


While running these workouts on the treadmill is probably inferior to running them outside, it is certainly better than nothing. The treadmill allows us to do speed workouts during the wintertime that we might not otherwise do. I know that we’ve all felt like treadmills are medieval torture devices at some point or another, but I propose this: Embrace the treadmill. View it as an opportunity. After a few decent workouts, you might even decide you like it!

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One Response to The Treadmill

  1. playfulpups says:

    I cannot run on a treadmill…tried….failed…lol I do have an indoor track that I use in real bad weather and I love it. Doing some speedwork there today!

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