Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra CS WP Review


As I indicated in a previous post, Salomon is one of my favorite brands because they make great-quality products. Today’s review is on the XA Pro 3D Ultra CS WP. I may be a little biased here because this is what I am currently running in and I love them!

There is some conflicting info out there, but as best I can tell, the shoe has a 25mm heel and a 16mm forefoot – a 9mm drop.

The size 10 registered at – wait for it – 16.2 oz on my scale.

I’ve been running in these shoes for about a month now. I originally purchased them because I thought they would work well in the snow – and I was right! So far I’ve tried them in loose powder off-road, loose powder on pavement, slush on pavement and hard-packed snow on pavement (as well as just plain pavement). *knock on wood* I don’t have a single slip or fall. The traction is fantastic and I feel like these shoes can handle anything. With that being said, it did take me a little while to adjust to them. 16.2 ounces is heavy! They are by far the heaviest shoe I’ve ever run in. At first, it almost felt like running in boots. However, after a few days, they really grew on me and now I’m smitten. I’d probably even consider running in them year-round, at least on trails.


  • These shoes are built to last!
  • The soles are grippy and would be suitable for any surface
  • These shoes provide stability, which not all trail shoes do
  • These shoes have a fairly wide toe box
  • They have a waterproof upper to keep your feet dry in almost any conditions
  • Salomon quicklace system


  • They are heavy!!
  • Price – these retail for $145 so make sure you wait until they’re on sale
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