Salomon Sense Pro Review


Salomon is one of my favorite brands – they make good quality shoes and clothing.  Unfortunately, many of their shoes are too narrow for me.  However, they just came out with the Salomon Sense Pro and I wanted to give it a try.

The Salomon Sense Pro has a 22m heel and a 17mm forefoot – a 5mm drop.

The size 10 registered at 9.4 oz on my scale.

I was able to test these shoes outside, although it was on pavement, not trails.  My first thought was that the fit is rather snug throughout the entire shoe.  I think it would be difficult for me to run an ultra in them because of this relatively tight fit, but I could see myself using them for shorter races.  The shoe felt a little stiff, but not too stiff.  There is a rock plate and a pretty grippy sole so I think you could take these on all sorts of trails/terrain.  As with the Everlongs that I previously reviewed, you would have no trouble racing in these on the roads.  You could probably use these for training too, but I think they are much better suited for racing. 


  • a good brand that generally produces good quality shoes
  • a rock plate and a grippy sole suitable for many surfaces
  • a soft upper that hugs the foot and doesn’t add much weight
  • a good weight/design for racing longer distances


  • the toe box is narrow and does not accomodate a wider foot
  • price – these retail for approximately $130

    They are available at Zappos:

    Salomon at ShopStyle

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2 Responses to Salomon Sense Pro Review

  1. Thanks for writing a review on the shoe! Was really curious about this this shoe. As soon as I discovered the awesomeness that was the Sense Mantra I spent the entire rest of my summer in them. I wear my Speed Cross 3’s in the snow & most of the time they are perfect as long as it isn’t too icy! Great to hear they perform well on roads too. Hoping to get a pair soon!

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