Patagonia Everlong Review


This is my first product review but there will be many more because I love shoes!  Along with training and running races, I think I am on a quest for the perfect shoe.

One of the reasons I spend so much time trying shoes is because my foot is an odd shape.  I’m a size 10 (which I think is perfectly average) but I need at least a 2E width.  Even with the extra width, my toes are usually a little snug.  This isn’t that difficult to accommodate in training shoes – many major brands put out models that are available in widths.  However, for racing shoes – road and trail – this is a challenge.  And that is the perfect segue into the Patagonia Everlong.

One of the things that led me to the Everlong is that Patagonia is known for wide toe boxes.  They’ve adopted a fairly minimalist approach and this includes allowing for toe splay.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love minimalist shoes; however, my toes leave me few options for trail racing.  I must say, with the Everlongs, I was pleasantly surprised, as they felt like more than a minimalist shoe.

These are the measurements that Patagonia provides for the Everlong: heel/toe 24mm/20mm; footbed 6mm/4mm; insole 1mm; midsole 19mm/15mm; sole 1.5mm; lugs 2mm

In addition, they list the weight of the shoe at 8.4 oz, although the size 10 registered at 8.8 oz on my scale.

Unfortunately, due to the time of year and the conditions outside, I was forced to test these out on the treadmill so I’ll have to post a follow-up once I try them on the trails.  My first thought was that the upper is extremely soft (in a good way) and wraps the foot pretty closely.  The toe box provided just enough room for me, which was great.  Right away, I noticed tons of cushioning – in fact, I wondered whether the heel was too soft.  However, after a couple of miles, they felt great.  I picked up the pace significantly and the Everlongs had no trouble at all with it.  I suspect these could also be used as a road racing shoe for shorter distances and would perform well.


  • a soft upper that keeps the weight of the shoe down
  • a very soft sole that would provide comfort for longer distances
  • a wide toe box
  • a “road design” allowing for fast racing
  • the support of Jeff Browning who helped design the shoe


  • the entire sole is fairly soft – if you’re running over lots of roots or rocks, this is not the shoe for you (in fact, the shoe does not have a rock plate, which is a little unusual for a trail shoe)
  • the lugs are very modest and are not well-suited for sand, mud or snow
  • Jeff Browning has run several 100 milers in these; however, I’m not sure I would recommend this for the average runner

The Patagonia Everlongs are available at Amazon:

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