My Race Results


Lake Effect Half Marathon: 1:17:43 (5:56/mile)
7th out of 591

Cayuga Trails 50: 8:28:06
(USATF 50-Mile Trail Championships)
17th out of 172 finishers

Vegan Power 50k: 4:08:49
1st place (course record)

0SPF Half Marathon (trail): 1:44:46
2nd out of 123 finishers

Green Lakes 50k (trail): 3:55:09
1st out of 66 finishers

Jug End 6-Hour Loop (trail): 41.52 miles
1st place

Free to Run Marathon (trail): 4:10:51
1st place (course record)

Oil Creek 100-Miler (trail): 20:59:45
3rd place

Mendon 50k (trail): 4:00:03
1st place


Syracuse Chargers Winter Meets:
1/18/15 (3000m indoor) – 9:49 (5:15/mile)
2/15/15 (3000m indoor) – 9:41 (5:11/mile)

CNY Springtime 10k: 35:30 (5:43/mile)
4th out of 318

Mountain Goat Run (10 miles): DNS

Cayuga Trails 50: 7:58:35 (9:34/mile)
(USATF 50-Mile Trail Championships)
13th out of 205 starters

Vegan Power 50k (trail): 4:19:41 (8:21/mile)
1st out of 76 starters

Finger Lakes 50-Miler (trail): DNF

Valley Nature Run (4 miles): 23:08 (5:47/mile)
2nd out of 251

Green Lakes 100k (trail): 9:23:53 (9:04/mile)
1st out of 16 finishers

Free to Run 50-Miler (trail): 10:57:24 (13:08/mile)
1st place


Chilly Chili 5k: 18:02 (5:48/mile)
4th out of 845

Lake Effect Half Marathon: 1:15:55 (5:47/mile)
6th out of 584

Tipp Hill Shamrock Run (4 miles): 22:52 (5:43/mile)
14th out of 3508

DAR 10K (trail): 37:14 (5:59/mile)
1st out of 99

Mountain Goat Run (10 miles): 57:21 (5:44/mile)
16th out of 2464

Cayuga Trails 50: 8:27 (10:08/mile)
(USATF 50-Mile Trail Championships)
17th out of 230 starters

Cazenovia 4th of July 10-Miler: 58:11 (5:49/mile)
4th out of 468

Green Lakes 50K (trail): 3:47:39 (7:19/mile)
1st out of 101 finishers

Virgil Crest 50-Miler (trail): 9:26:30 (11:09/mile)
7th out of 104 starters

Mendon Trail Run 50k: DNF


One Response to My Race Results

  1. atwinthing33 says:

    You are fast as hell!!!!! Why am I getting slower I was sub 1:40 and now I’m hardly 1:49…maybe it’s the beard.

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